• yuuvis® Ultimate

    Build custom information management / document management solutions. Create a test & development environment to build new or improve existing products.
    With yuuvis® Ultimate, you have access to all existing API endpoints, and get new ones as they become available.
    Today you can:

    • Import, store, retrieve, update and delete documents
    • Track document history
    • Extract data and metadata
    • Render and/or convert over 60 file types
    • Find the exact snippet of information you need - in real time - with elasticsearch

    With this Alpha test environment, you get:
    Create, Read, Upload, Delete
    250,000 documents*
    5 GB / document max upload
    5 calls per second
    500,000 calls per month
    MetaExtract, Convert, Multiview
    5,000 calls per month
    1 call per second

    *Anything over 1TB will be charged at $25.00/TB